If you are nearing your 65th birthday, it’s wise to review your options for Medicare insurance coverage. We can explain the details concerning “Original Medicare”, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Supplements (or Medigap plans). Just give us a call to discuss your situation, and arrange for a “no-obligation” appointment to consider which type of plan will best suit your particular goals/needs.

For planning purposes you should be aware of the time period when you can complete your initial enrollment. Your Initial Open Enrollment (IOE) period begins 3 months before your 65th birth month, includes your birth month, and extends for 3 months beyond your birth month. During this period it is important to apply for Part B Medicare, unless you are able to remain on a qualified health plan through an employer, or other source. (You do not need to apply for Part A; if you are eligible it will cover you automatically when you turn 65).

NOTICE: Annual open enrollment for current Medicare recipients is from October 15-December 7th each year. will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Please share your concerns by contacting us at: or call (512) 535-3556 office, or (512) 567-7345 text message. We look forward to hearing from you!