Being Healthy Can Save You Money

In these financially challenging times, most of us are looking for ways to cut our expenses while not sacrificing what is important. I would like to share an approach that I believe could be beneficial to certain households. Lowering your healthcare cost is certainly something worth examining.

We have all either experienced or heard about the escalating costs of medical treatment and health insurance. Being uninsured is becoming a more risky situation every year. It makes good sense economically to have protection, especially if some serious illness or accident were to occur unexpectedly. In order to protect ourselves against possible high medical bills it is important to have a major medical health insurance plan that suits your particular needs.

If you seldom need to see your physician for reasons other that a routine annual exam or an occasional generic prescription, and you are generally in good health, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars annually on lowering your premiums with a high deductible health plan (HDHP). The cash you save with the lower premiums could be set aside for paying the occasional exams, and prescriptions, etc. However, if you visit your doctor frequently, have a chronic illness, or require expensive testing throughout the year, you may be better off keeping a plan with a lower deductible. Before making changes, consult an insurance professional first.

With a healthy lifestyle and a good medical history, you may want to consider a money-saving high-deductible health plan. Rates are typically lower for the higher deductible plans, especially if you choose one with no copays for doctor visits and/or prescription drugs. All of the new health plans are required to provide one free annual preventive exam per person. So once a year, you could get your blood pressure, cholesterol levels (lipid panel), blood sugar, heart rate, weight, etc. checked at no cost to you. (Once there is a positive diagnosis for these conditions, those tests will no longer be free, since it would no longer be a “preventative” measure!) By committing to a healthier lifestyle, you may be able to save on inexpensive insurance premiums, improve some health conditions, feel better and possibly live longer!

There are lots of options available if you are considering making changes in your health insurance protection. One of those options in particular, is drawing a lot of attention lately. It is the HSA (Health Savings Account) High Deductible Health Insurance Plan, which can not only save on premiums, but also offers tax advantages. Read more about the details of this plan in another article.

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