Disability income Insurance

Disability Insurance is income protection.  It is the second most important kind of insurance that an adult should have, next to Health Insurance!  For most Americans, your ability to earn an income is your greatest asset.  Where would you be without it?  The reason we should carry disability insurance is to protect our ability to meet our financial obligations, should we encounter a serious accident or be diagnosed with a physically debilitating illness or disease. 

These unexpected threats to our good health may leave us hospitalized or confined to home for months or even longer.  No one can predict when or how such a catastrophic event may occur.  Exposing yourself to such a financial risk could have devastating consequences.  Your everyday obligations still have to be paid each month, such as housing and utility costs, auto expenses, groceries, credit cards, etc.

Disability Insurance is important for everyone who earns a living, regardless of their occupation, age, gender, or marital status: 

      • Individuals who recently graduated and are now entering the workforce, probably have no emergency fund. 

  • Newly-weds will often be faced with additional living expenses and likewise, may not have any substantial savings yet. 

  • Parents with a growing family face the added responsibility of providing for their children’s needs, in addition to their own financial requirements. 

  • Couples who are preparing for their “Golden Years” do not want to tap into savings for retirement, when an unexpected illness or accident keeps them from their job and paycheck.

Many disabling injuries occur while playing sports, working in the yard, as a result of slips and falls at home, and due to weather conditions.  These events are not covered by Workman’s Compensation benefits, and the disabled persons are responsible for their healthcare costs and loss of income, due to time away from their jobs!

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