If you live in Austin, The Hill Country, or anywhere else in the great state of Texas, you have come to the right place to find affordable health insurance.  AustinHealthPlans.com provides you with fast, free, quotes from a variety of top-rated health insurance companies. AustinHealthPlans.com can assist you in determining if you might benefit from inexpensive health insurance through the “Marketplace”.  You may qualify for a premium tax credit, which is based on your adjusted household income and your family size.  If you are eligible for financial assistance, the net cost to you could be very cheap, leaving you with affordable monthly premiums!

On our web site, you can compare dozens of health plans in the convenience of your home.   However, why not just call us at (512) 535-3556 or send an e-mail to: tom@austinhealthplans.com, to benefit from our free advice.  There is never a fee for our services, so please take advantage of our knowledge and experience!  We can save you time, trouble and money…you have nothing to lose.

In addition to major medical health insurance, we also offer many other supplemental insurance options.  AustinHealthPlans.com can provide free quotes for Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Cancer, Heart and Stroke, and Long Term Care Insurance.  We will be glad to discuss your needs and goals to find the best coverage for your situation, in securing low-cost protection.

If you want assistance in saving for your retirement, we can explain the merits of starting a tax-deferred annuity.  If your employer does not offer a pension plan or other retirement option, you can benefit by making monthly contributions into your own annuity, to prepare for your future!  Your annual taxable income will be reduced by the amount of the funds you deposit in your annuity, thereby providing you with a tax savings. 

Call us at (512) 535-3556 with any questions or concerns.  We are Tejas friendly, and ready to help.  Let us know if we can help your friends with their health insurance needs as well!